Unifi Adoptions on non default networks

pfSense: 2.6.0-RELEASE (amd64)
8 ports
WAN1 connected to IPS DSL Modem
WAN2 (n/c waiting for Starlink)
Remaining ports are LAN connected to Unifi APs or switches
(no VLANS each port separate LAN, DHCP on each LAN)

Unifi Controller: 7.1.61
(RPi4) this is a new Unifi installation and devices
6 networks defined

I’m only able to adopt new devices if connected to the default network, for testing in pfSense each LAN can access any other LAN. My method for adopting devices not intended for the default network is to connect to the default network and adopt the device. After adopting disconnect from the default and attach to the intended LAN wait for DHCP to assign an address on that network and then finish the setup assigning static IP etc. Is this expected or I’m I missing something? I have also noted that in the Unifi Device tab the network column is always Default regardless of the network the device is on. Other than these two (minor) problems the transition to Unifi has been painless.