Unifi Access Points Vs. Asus

hello everyone,

i will be honest, i didnt know a whole lot about networking in the past. i fell for the hype of Asus ROG routers and bought a GT-AC5300 and a GT-ax11000 to run as a router and access point.

i have since learned about pfsense, which i took an old pc and converted it to a completely overpowered router, which in turn put my overpriced hype routers into overpriced access points.

im selling the routers to replace them with designated access points at a fraction of their original cost, but performance wise, does anyone have any insight on these 2 asus routers vs. the unifi wifi 6 routers (U6LR and U6LR Lite)? i’d like to convert my entire network to a pfsense/unifi network

i’ve tried searching, but theres not really any comparisons of the 2 and id like to get some solid opinions from people who can hit me with facts vs. heresay

any info would be greatly appreciated!

Performance-wise, I’m not entirely sure, but if you’re looking to separate your Wi-Fi networks to different VLANs I doubt the ASUS routers would let you do that especially if you put them in AP mode. There also doesn’t appear to be any solid open-source development for them if you wanted to use a different firmware to get those capabilities.

Overall, you’ll likely have just as satisfactory performance from UniFi with much more flexibility than you would get with your current ASUS routers.

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that is my goal now, to put different IoT devices on their own VLAN’s.

xbox’s on their own since they need open nat and upnp, security cameras on their own (running nest right now, but may switch to unifi cameras in the future), phones, pc’s, appliances, etc…

i just have to figure out now if a pfsense/dream machine daisy chain combo is a good starting point for what im trying to achieve.

If that’s the case, UniFi is going to be your best bet then. You would create the VLANs and assign those interfaces in the pfSense, then create VLAN only networks in your UniFi controller to create the correct VLAN tags to use for your wireless networks in UniFi.

Also, since we discuss the last point in another thread I’ll link that here: Pfsense and unifi questions - #5 by LTS_Eric

Was in the same position, Asus routers are pretty good with Merlin firmware.

Just give them away now.

With dedicated APs you can better place them if they are PoE, and no doubt will be able handle vlans over several SSiDs.

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