Unifi Access Point placement and advice

Hello all,
Planning my home network with Unifi gear and thought of asking you experienced folks about access point placement and how many of these I may need for a floor plan like this. (attached below). The current diagram is what I thought of, but am not so sure if that’s good enough.

  • Interior walls are plaster-boards and exterior are insulated with brick veneer.
  • bedroom 1, theatre, home office are the most used places around the house.
  • family and outdoor room areas may have increased traffic when guests are present. (i’m thinking ac pro in family area)
  • wifi is only needed for iot devices (phones, tablets, smart home devices, etc)
  • all stationary devices will be hardwired.
  • total internal area around 2400 sqf / 230 sqm and outdoor areas around 470 sqf / 43 sqm

*Sorry I can’t upload the heatmap for the current proposed placement due to new user image upload limitation.


Upon first glance, to me it seems that your Theatre and bedroom 1 APs are a bit close together. I would maybe explore the idea of moving the theatre AP into the home office. Might get a bit more reach to bedroom 3. You’d still likely get a great signal in the theatre room.


I was going to suggest the same thing.

I imagine that the set up should have no major issues with coverage or congestion. Obviously would need to be set up appropriately to avoid channel interference from other device and neighbours etc.

Thanks @bigbadwolv, @Manipulate I will explore that idea. Going to try to move the family AP to a more central location and move Theatre AP to hallway near bedroom 2/3 to.

Will update here on how it goes.