Unifi access point "Adoption Failed" status after every power outage

every time that there is a power outage (or if I simply unplug/replug the access point), in the UniFi network console I see the AP with status Adoption Failed.

I can connect to the AP (and from there to the internet), and I can ssh into the AP, but I can’t manage the AP.

I end up factory resetting and readopting the AP, but there’s probably something I’m doing wrong.

Does anyone have any idea as to what can be going on?


I am using UniFi Network console 7.3.83 on a Debian 11 VM.

I have connected the UAP-AC-Pro to a trunk port in the switch (with VLAN 5 as default, which I only use for console to AP traffic).

I access the web console through another VLAN (the VM sees 2 different interfaces, but they’re actually on the same wire, using different VLANs).

The DHCP server is directly connected to VLAN 5 and it correctly assigned an IP to the factory reset AP.

I was able to “adopt” the AP from the console.

I created 2 WiFi networks (aside from the one created during the console setup), both with “Third-party Gateway” (since I don’t have a UniFi Gateway).

The issue might be you don’t have the rules for the management VLAN setup properly, is management VLAN something you need?

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Hi Tom, thanx for your prompt reply.

I remember having seen that video (in fact, I see it “liked” by me) and I know for sure I did NOT change the management VLAN as you say in UniFi Management VLAN & Network Security - YouTube

I’ll be back on premise tomorrow, try that, and post the result here.

Once again, thanx for your help.

As per Tom’s video I would flatten your network, put all devices on the default vlan and only use vlans for extra networks.

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I may try that also. Thanx for the advice, Paul.