Unifi AC/LR super slow

My home setup is a pfSense/Unifi production home lab. Meaning I rely on it but its under constant exploration and reconfiguring. Everything was great as far as I was concerned until yesterday when I upgraded from 40/10 service to 1000/30 service. In particular, my AC/LR was outstanding in an area with very highly congested wifi.

Now, with the new much faster Internet service, the AC/LR just can’t keep up in comparison to crap consumer wifi router (cheapest Orbi) and ISP crap wifi router (Hiltron). The absolute best I’ve been able to get out of it was 280 down, and it’s generally running at 2/3 the speed of the Orbi and 1/2 the speed of the Hiltron. The Orbi has gone as high as 400 down, and the Hiltron 550 down.

I’m not looking for gigabit speeds from wifi. Just for my AC/LR to perform at least equal to stuff that shouldn’t be blowing its doors off.

  • Wired speed is 980/30

  • All wires cat 6 or 6a.

  • The switch the AC/LR is connected to is showing a gigabit connection to it.

  • Testing from an iPhone 8 and a Think Pad T480. Both wifi 5 devices. So not looking for wifi 6 speeds.

  • I’ve tried VHT20, VHT40, and VHT80.

  • Channel is set to Auto

  • Transmit Power is set to Auto

  • Band steering is set to Off

Could this speed difference be accounted for by something I’ve done in setting up pfSense or the AC/LR? I’m happy to set everything back to defaults and restart from there if that’s the most likely route to success.

You might want to investigate bufferbloat, setting up traffic shaping might bring some benefits. However, I suspect that pfSense might need to be rebuilt from a clean install.

You can test this idea fairly quickly. Just do a basic install from the ISO, then test your speeds from the LAN. If it’s the same as before just restore the config and it’s likely to be something else.

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Since your Wired speed is 980/30 it does not sound like a pfsense issue. You can load the iperf Packages — iperf package | pfSense Documentation pfsense package and then start doing local speed testing and make changes such as swapping the cable to the AP and see if that helps.

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