Unifi 6 worth the wait?

I’m in the market to get one or two more unifi access points. I don’t have any wifi 6 devices right now. Is it worth waiting for the unifi 6 lite to come back in stock you think?

I cannot speak directly for the U6 lite, however the U6LR was a major upgrade from the UAP AC LR seeing 3x the through put. I will say that some of the firmware choices are a bit buggy, being that some find 5.43.34 to be stable for their set up while others find 5.43.23 to work better. I am actually running a Beta 5.57.1 for 2 weeks now and have no issues. I was on 5.43.34, but had quite a few connection issues, dropped dhcp, and new devices had long association times. No complaints from staff or students, just needed to resolve the issues; 5.43.34 seems to be great for the non wifi 6 devices.

I believe the long range 6 is splash proof for water, I wonder how well that works

Are these still a thing? Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AC Mesh Dual Band Indoor/Outdoor Access Point - Micro Center

If you go for Wifi 6, make sure they have a 2.5G ethernet port.
If not, then you are capped at 1000Mbps, that you can get with a Wifi5 access point.