UniFi 6.0.23 VLAN tagging seems to be broken

Thank you so much for your extremely informative videos Tom! They were instrumental in getting my pfSense router up and running to replace my Edge Router 5.

The other thing I’ve been meaning to do for a long time is splitting up my IOT and Guest Wifi networks. So I followed your steps in your recent videos. HOWEVER, in 6.0.23, UniFi seems to have broken VLAN tagging on UAPs. I know my router is configured correctly because if I connect my laptop to a UniFi switch port that I’ve configured to vlan tag traffic, the laptop gets an IP and everything works great.

But if I try the same thing from on wireless (connecting to a SSID that’s configured to VLAN tag), the laptop doesn’t get an IP address. The DHCP request hangs and it eventually gets a 169 address. So it appears that the UAP isn’t tagging traffic on SSID clients.

In the current release (6.0.23), you may notice that Ubiquiti has rearranged things. You can no longer specify a VLAN tag when creating an Wireless Network (SSID creating->Advanced tab) as you show in your video. The user needs to now create a Network first, have the Network settings configured so that it applies the VLAN tag and then pick this network during SSID creation. But as I mentioned, they seem to have broken the feature when they rearranged this functionality.

It would be super if you can confirm this and report the bug to them. I just contacted Ubiquiti support, but I imagine that if they hear from a well established vendor such as yourselves, they may give the issue higher priority.

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

VLAN tagging via the creation/use of a defined network is working for many people on reddit and discord. However some people have reported issues with WLANs which did not go away until they deleted all their WLANs and remade them from scratch.

That’s an interesting point. I did upgrade and therefore had Networks created from a long time ago. I’ll try deleting all of them and recreating from scratch to see if that helps get me past the roadblock.

Thanks for the tip.

Darn. I tried deleting and recreating all my WLAN entries and it didn’t fix the problem. I’m guessing there must be some detail I missed. brwainer, if you could point me to one of the reddit threads you’re referring to, I would be super grateful! Thanks.