Unifi 24 switch locks up pfSense router at high bit rate

My network consists of a DIY pfSense router (v2.4.5 that has been tested by using a SynologyNAS -> pfSense router -> Windows 10 and transferring large files at speeds 100+ MBps, without errors).

The topology is:

Fiber Internet -> dual NIC (Intel) pfSense router -> Unifi 24 managed switch

The network worked perfectly, while my fiber service was 300/300. After upgrading my Internet to gigabit speed (Same provider) my pfSense router gets locked up when the traffic approaches 600 to 980 mbps.

The Ethernet connection between the two devices show 1000mbps and a tremendous amount activity is taking place.

At this time no network traffic can get through from either side. However, both devices can be accessed from the ‘other’ side. (pfSense router via the Internet and LAN to Unifi switch via Unifi controller).

A test was run putting a Netgear 8port 10/100/1000 desktop switch between the pfSense router and the Unifi switch. Lockup’s continued, with the exception that it was between the Netgear and Unifi switches.

ANY help would be appreciated.

Thanks, in advance.


Hi Mike,

You may be hitting limitations of your NICs in your pfSense firewall. Now that you’re putting higher bandwidth through it you may be hitting limitations of your NICs, overrunning buffers, running out of buffer memory, etc.

pfSense has some tweaks that may help with your NIC configuration found here: https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/hardware/tuning-and-troubleshooting-network-cards.html

What NICs are you using out of curiosity?