Unifi 24 Pro Layer 3, Internet connection

Good morning. First, thank you for all of your videos. I have watched countless numbers of videos from various people over the last 4 days and I enjoy how you explain things and the pace at which you do it. So thanks.

For over a decade, I have had a Layer 2+ HP switch with a trunk line into a LinkSys LRT214 router which handled the VLAN definitions, inter-VLAN routing, ACL, and had a WAN port for access to the Internet. It worked great. Unfortunately, last Wednesday is died. Since this setup is for a small business, I have been scrambling to fix it.

I decided on Thursday to purchase a Unifi Pro 24 port managed Layer 2/3 switch. Setting up networks, profiles and trunks is easy and works great. My final issue is the configurating of a port to be a WAN connection whereby I may plug a network cable from this WAN port into the LAN port on a DSL modem/switch.

In two videos I watched, they show WAN ports defined in Networks. One individual specifically called it out as the way to get Internet access. Try as I may, I could not get it defined the way he had it, using the old or new interfaces.

In my testing, let’s say that I have port 1 plugged into the LAN connection on the DSL modem. The modem’s DHCP server has assigned to the switch. This port is set to All (networks). Then port 10 is defined as VLAN 30 ( How may a computer plugged into Port 10 get Internet access?

Would you please tell me if this is available, and if it is, would you please point me into the right direction?

Thank you for your time.

I would put a firewall/router in front of the UnFi switch, it’s not really meant to have a direct connection to WAN and act as a router. UniFi’s layer three implementation is not great.

Darn it. Okay. Thank you for the help. I will be getting another router (Edge Router) and use that with my HP switch, and return the Unifi switch. Thanks again.