Unif UNVR camera isses

I just installed a new UNVR into my network and now I’m having issues. Every 10 minutes, the cameras disconnect for several seconds then reconnect. And when I say every 10 minutes, I mean every 10 minutes plus or minus 5 seconds. That’s consistent! I was having issues with camera disconnections with my UCK + (consensous was I was loading too many cameras) so I finally got the UNVR (took 3 months of lurking in the UI store to catch one).

I backed up Protect on the CK, shut Protect down, fired up the NVR, adopted it, updated it, then restored the backup. Later that day (yesterday) I noticed the issue.

I swapped cables, ports and switches, but no resolve. I changed out the hard drive and still have the same issue. I reset all of my cameras, reset the UNVR and started over. Still the same issue at the exact same time. So at XX:X9 and 28 seconds, the cameras drop out and come back on. Everything on the network is updated to the latest Official release firmware.

The network is all Unifi, no vlans and the IP address come from my Windows 2019 server (data network is a AD domain). Cameras are powered by two 8 port Unifi POE 150w switches. USG, CK G2 plus, and a Unifi 24 port switch for the rest of the network.

I opened a support ticket with Unifi and after I answered the basic questions, they’ve gone cold for the last 24 hours.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I got it fixed. I just disconnected all of the devices from the switches (except the CK, UnVR, and one camera). There were no disconnections. I added one device at a time until I added an AP-lite and the disconnections started again. There haven’t been and disconnections with the AP removed. I’ll go back and see if it’s the AP, cable or switch port that’s the issue.