Unfi Shuts Down WiFi When Internet is Lost

I remember this from one of Tom’s video’s on the Unfi AP will stop broadcasting when access to the internet is lost. I have searched for how to disable this and all I am coming up with is disabling “mesh” but that doesn’t seem to work. We lost AT&T this morning and all wireless was gone.

Is there a setting that I am missing to keep things running locally?

Are you sure they aren’t? I know many of my devices disconnect by default if there is no internet. My phones and tablets there is a setting to stay connected even if there is no internet. Once I check this, I can still see my wireless networks and connect even when I have no internet.

Just a thought, as I don’t remember changing any settings for this (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen) specifically in my Unifi APs, and mine are still there when the internet goes down.

That doesn’t sound right, if it is then it’s really poor design. I suspect it’s something else.

What Controller are you using, and version

As above, if devices can not see the internet, it will report no internet.

When it happens, can you ping any device on the network

It’s a cloudkey Gen 2: Network 8.0.26

I found an older video on the “uplink connectivity monitor” by Willie Howe which he outlines this behavior. Based on some research this was combined into the “mesh” option in advanced settings.

The question on the table is how do I know the AP’s stopped broadcasting. I that all my IoT devices and sensors were not able to connect during the outage and those Iot devices talk to “local” services such as InfluxDB.

The chart below is a plot from InfluxDB where the weather data is broadcasted using UDP stored in Influx and then plotted. the gaps are aligned with the AT&T outage:


Fun times.

Are you access points connected via network cable ?

Yes they are. Never used Mesh and I had mesh turned off in system settings. I am going to do some experimentation this weekend with “pulling” the internet to see if I can make it happen again. Too many users on the network right now.

I have had a similar issue after a power outage. In my case it was caused from the Unify APs not being able to contact the DHCP server.