Unfi - Delete Former Client Site

We have a controller with maybe 20 client sites. Over the past couple of years a few clients left our services, usually due to selling the company.

We do not know a great way to delete a client site without risking resetting their devices to factory setting and messing up their network if they are not using it. It would have been best if they had coordinated this with us but they didn’t.

How does everyone else deal with this? I don’t want devices in my controller needing updates for a someone who is not a customer.

I am scared if I “forget” the device in the controller (or move it to a dummy site) it will lost it’s network settings.

Am I over looking something?

Drop them an email. Explain the situation and tell them that you either need to start making a charge to maintain the controller or turn it off.

Give them a 28 day period to decide with the default position being to delete their site.
Remind them after 14 days
Warn them after 21 days
Delete it and tell them you have done it after 29 days.


I guess we will have to do that. I was hoping there was a feature that I wasn’t aware of to forget devices without them defaulting to factory reset so that you could abandon devices but leave them in the current state.

My understanding was if you forget a device in the controller that the device rests itself to factor settings. I may be understanding incorrectly however.

Honestly not sure. You could drop the internet connection on the controller, forget an AP then bring the internet back up.

Just seems that the “better” way would be to contact them.