Understanding How The XCP-NG & Xen Orchestra Open Source Virtualization Platform Works [YouTube Release]

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Time Stamps
00:00 - How XCP-NG Works
01:24 - What is The Xen Hypervisor
03:19 - Xen Project XAPI
04:06 - Who is Vates
04:46 - What is Xen Orchestra
05:47 - What Happened to Citrix Xenserver?
07:21 - What is a XCP-NG Resourse Pool?
12:22 - How Xen Orchesta Manages XCP-NG

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At first I thought why bother with VMs? But after watching the video I get it. There are some cool tricks with xen orchestra. All with the low learning curve.

If I were back in the IT game I could see myself using this setup to run two or three VMs that host all my container images that do the actual work. So a few dozen containers running per VM. Does anybody do this??

I think this would keep my hardware requirements down while providing the benefits of xen orchestra. Or at least until I learned how to do this without the VM middle-ware. But without a need for scale and live migration tricks, my systemd-nspawn containers fit my needs perfectly.

I have been using xcpng for years now. The only gripe I have with it is

  1. Cannot resize the VM while the VM is running
  2. LXC containers natively on the Host and management through Xen Orchestra.

You can change CPU & Memory on a running VM.

Great video! This has become my favorite hypervisor over the years. While I still have to support VMware for clients and work all of my gear runs xcp-ng with xen orchestra.

Sorry I should have been for specific. I meant you cannot resize the virtual drive while the VM is online. It’s a limitation of using VHD’s