Under Carpet Ethernet Cabling

We have a customer that is adamant about running cables under carpet instead of using pedestals/poles to run from the ceiling to the floor.

We are having trouble finding a reliable vendor for the cabling.

Anyone have a recommendation for a manufacturer/part# for this?

How thick is the padding under the carpet? I have not seen a cable designed to be walked on like this use case. In one place we nailed down metal runners to the concrete, what a mess but it did what they required. https://www.grainger.com/product/LEGRAND-LEGRAND-Raceway-2600-3YY71

Later when they tore up that room to be something else, the contractors were swearing at us for nailing this stuff down.

If they insist, go ahead and do it. But make sure you fully disclaim any warranty service for WHEN these cables fail.

Alternatively, you could decline the job, stating that you won’t damage your reputation by performing such work. Let them get some college kid that thinks they know cabling do it and they can deal with the fallout.

We do use a lot of “tactical” ethernet to run on floors for audio/video work, but it isn’t really design to be walked on. https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/541541-elite-core-procat5e-s-re-50-50-ultra-flexible-shielded-tactical-cat5e-cable-with-ethercon-to-rj45-connectors

You can find bulk versions of this from WestPenn wire. it will last longer than “regular” CAT5e, but I still wouldn’t warranty that install.

They do also realize they will be able to feel this right? I know my dad ran speaker wire to his surround sound speakers under the carpet and you can feel this wire, and this is walking on plush residential carpet. If this install is using some thin, commercial carpet, network cable is really going to be noticeable.

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@Tiki1469 Commscope makes one. Part#: 1499539 [Cat 6]

Is this what you are looking for?

My son ran into a similar situation in his home…needed to run cat 6 under the carpet. We put in a flat cat 6 cable just to see if it held up. If it failed after walking on it he would just have a cable run thru the walls but the cost was quoted at ~$500. The flat cat 6 cable was placed under the carpet pad and after 5-6 years it is still going strong!

Although I believe the manufactures state specifically to only use under carpet squares, that’s good to know. I’ll keep that in mind next time I have to replace my carpet.

Right now, everything is relying on UniFi Beacon repeaters for wireless on my 2nd floor.