Unable to use VLANs with managed switch, LAN interface not available as a parent interface

Just got a managed switch on a black friday special and i plug it into pfsense and try to create a VLAN and it only shows the parent interface as the WAN interface, i am rather new to pfsense but i dont think its supposed to show only the WAN interface. (The LAN interface is recognised by pfsense and works fine)

When I was setting up pfsense the first time I recall having to reset the switch several times. What I found to work was to configure the vlans in the switch and pfsense independently, that is without the two devices connected. Once configured, plug your pfsense into the switch, then connect a device into the switch and test it out.

When you are defining the VLANs in pfsense you need to choose what the parent interface is.

When i go to chose the parent interface the only option is the WAN interface (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/666521034589077515/783292137789718538/unknown.png)

Then the other NIC you have for LAN must not have VLAN support.

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That could be it, it was a cheep essentially no name usb ethernet adapter. Got it for $15 aud.

Is there a way i could switch the WAN and LAN interface so i could use the el chepo one for WAN and the one integrated in the laptop for LAN to use VLANS without reinstalling pfsense.

Yes, interfaces can be reassigned from the command prompt.