Unable to test NVMe device via TrueNAS

Tried testing a SLOG before adding to ensure it works properly (purchased 2nd hand).

Is testing an NVMe device in TrueNAS Core not possible (as in, is this for spinning drives only?) …?

Device: Radian RMS-200 8GB PCIe x8 Gen3 (NVRAM Log Device)
System: E5-2430v2 (Dell T320)

Here’s the response when attempting a short test via: STORAGE → POOLS

I have tested NVME and they worked, not sure what the issue is might want to post in their forums if no one here has any suggestions.

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Thanks Tom, appreciate that.

I’ve found several other posts with people having similar issues (not always with NVMe devices) … and there seems to be a recurrent theme of testing via CLI. In the interim, I’m going to try writing some data to it and verify the data’s integrity is retained as a test.