Unable to see VLANs in Unifi switch

Hi network gurus, I decided to go all in on Unifi ( switch + AP + CloudKey Gen2 Plus ) after numerous failed attempts on Netgear :
1.I followed Lawrence’s video ( Office Network Design and Planning with VLANs, LLDP, Rules, IoT, Guest using UniFi & pfsense - YouTube ) and you can see the list of VLANs in the drop down
2. I followed the steps:
a) I reflashed my Protectli 4-port box with Pfsense 2.6
b) I have WAN ( DHCP, DNS overriden by ISP settings and LAN ( configured - configured VLANs (10,20,30,40) on LAN (igb1)

c) Set up the fire wall rules as seen in above mentioned video

d) When it comes to the switch port profiles, I don’t see the drop downlist of VLANs :

Please advise! Thanks

Hi, thanks for the response. I don’t see any other VLANs as well:

I have it covered in this video

Can I confirm that if I enter the VLAN information here :

It will appear under the switch profiles as well ?

Another noob question:
Do I need to create one for LAN ? Or VLANs are good enough ?

As I did in the video, if you are using pfsense then you do VLAN only.