Unable to Remove SR from XCP-NG

I have an XCP-NG server that I manage with Xen Orchestra. I recently moved and during the move needed to recreate some network mounted ISO SRs. During this process I was also moving my ISO smb share from a linux box to my TrueNAS server. During this migration I made some config errors and ended up creating the SR twice in XOA once with the FQDN of my TrueNAS box, and once with the IP address. both were successfully created, but unable to connect. After creating these I had to recreate the smb share to fix the config errors. Now, despite the share being at the same address with the same credentials the SRs are unable to connect and I am unable to remove them. Anytime I try to disconnect either of the SRs, forget them, or unmount/unplug them, wether from the CLI or XOA the process hangs and I get no errors. I also get a backend was unable to connect error when trying to create a new SR with the same address and credentials. Though creating an smb SR to a different server seems to work fine. Any recommendations on how to remove these SRs, I really need them gone so I can use the ISO SR to create VMs and to use another share on the same server for backup tasks. (Problem has persisted beyond a server reboot as well)

Have you physically disconnect the cable from either the host/pool or NAS? That might let you logically disconnect and delete. Just a shot in the dark.

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I have not, I will give that a whirl later this evening. Thanks for the idea!

Thank you for the idea! It did require a reboot to work, but rebooting without the network attached allowed me to delete the SRs, and reconfiguring the network has allowed me to add the proper SR.

I’ve had luck putting hosts into maintenance mode then rebooting to allow me to remove old or stuck SRs. Might be handy if you don’t have physical access to the box

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I’ll have to keep that in mind too.