Unable to port forward

I have been working on this for the last few days and I cant find a solution for the life of me. I have three interfaces LAN, work station 1, and work station 2. Port forwarding rules for 16126 and 30000 to redirect a mini pc which is connected to switch on work station 1.

I used this site www.yougetsignal.com to check if the ports are opened on the WAN side. Port 16126 is working perfectly but 30000 is closed.

I navigated to the system log (status, system logs, firewall, dynamic view, filtered by in pfsense to see if the packet was blocked for port 30000 and it was not. Im confused as to why the port shows closed on www.yougetsignal.com but the firewall says the packet passed. I tried running the application that I needed the port open for and it also stated the port is not available from the outside.

Seems unlikely that the ISP would be blocking that port but I do have a video on troubleshooting with pftop and tracking the connections and reviewing the logs might help.