Unable to ping vlan subnet

I have created Guest & Camera vlans , i can ping & log into the camera vlan but not the Guest. I have checked the rules and other setting they are both the same. Rules is set to allow all. until i can fully understand that i have the vlans correct.

Any advice ?

What firewall are you using ?

Is Ping enabled / block on the guest machines

You have a config error, I would double check all settings for your GUEST vlan and compare it to your master config.

Personally I would find a config that works to my liking then apply it to the various vlans with tweaks as required, that way at least you know that the base settings work.

I am new to pfsense and vlan and learning as i go on. My rules for these two vlans are basic pass-any-allow allow all , for the time being. I am following the excellent 2.4 setup of pfsense. I don’t have a master config only what i have followed on the video. Can you help by sharing your config?

When I say master config, I mean your dns settings, dhcp, NAT et al AND firewall rules.

Get these all working as you expect on say your LAN, if they are all working then it’s a simple lift and shift to vlans.

Otherwise when something goes wrong it’s a lengthy process to resolve.

Sharing my settings won’t help, as they are tuned for my needs. However, I will say that when I started off with pfSense it took me the best part of 9 months to get to a point where I stopped tweaking things, even then I would stumble on something that I thought was a good idea.