Unable to connect to Wan Network devices

Hi gud day

i would like to ask if anyone can help me with my probs…
i got a pfsense running for couple of months now and i really have issue accessing PC’s or devices on the network under my WAN… !

there are devices under WAN ( ubiquiti devices) that i can’t access…

i am able to ping the WAN gateway but not to other device

You are going to need to provide more info. You don’t even say where you are pinging from.

Also, where is the “other device” with respect to the gateway you are able to ping?

You need to explain where you are pinging from, what device you are pinging, whether you can ping it from another device on the same layer 2 network, whether you can ping the other way, etc. The more info you provide, the more likely someone will be able to give you good advice.

Are you sure the devices you are trying to connect to / ping do not have a built in firewall that is preventing your access? That’s a common cause of no access with windows and routers.

sorry for the confusion… my pc is behind pfsense with ip

i want to access my device with ip…

my pfsense wan address is

i am able to ping from my pc to which is also a pfsense box…

If a static IP address for your device is what you want, then set a static dhcp lease and map it to the Mac address of the device you want to have a static IP.

heres a clear view of my network…
MyDesktop can’t access all the UBNT device, but im able to access the master pfsense which is

what i wanted is to be able to access all ubnt devices under the master pfsense box

i hope the graph makes it clear…

thanks a alot and more power