Unable to configure UBNT GCK2+ -- HELP!

We quit installing Ubnt a few years ago because of repeated problems caused by access point software updates. However, we continue to support existing installations. This morning the Unifi cloud key at one of those sites failed. We had a Cloudkey Gen2+ on the shelf, so I had a tech run over there to replace it. Here’s the problem: the GCK2+ defaults to the network. If it’s on that network, it gets an IP address from DHCP; otherwise, it defaults to Then it insists on connecting to the Internet, which it can’t reach because it’s not on a that network. We can connect to it, presumably to configure, but it refuses to do anything without an Internet connection. Catch 22! The UNBT site is useless for any kind of tech support. I suspect it’s been taken over by marketing. Is there a way around this lunacy? Any/all guidance will be humbly accepted with gratitude! – Rog

Writing the above woke up my feeble old brain and reminded me that we have plenty of tech tools to deal with this problem. I’ve been spending way too much time on cyber defense strategy and tactics and forgotten how to be a techie! SSH to device, use ipconfig to reset IP address, duh! Thanks for allowing me to lean on your kindness. – Rog

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