Unable to access windows 10 VM inside xcpng

I my xcp ng home lab box running ok. I have 6 VMs in it. I run up to 4 max including xen orchestra. Thanks to Tom I now use X2Go server and works great on the linux VM’s. I only have one windows 10 VM but I cannot use Remmina on it, I can’t access it either from another windows 10 machine. I tried it using the default port and it did not work, I chagned the default port but I think the firewall is blocking that port. I added a rule for the new port but still, it does not work. I know I am missing something, not sure what it is.

Any suggestions?

Did you actually enable RDP for the VM? It is not on by default.

I apologize for the delay. I have been away from my lab. Yes, the RDP is on for sure. I took a screenshot but on another machine. Just to show that it is on