UI Tooless 24 port mini rack

Anyone know what the deal with that is? It’s been listed in the early release store for 2 years now and has never left.

I’m starting to piece together the items needed to create a small rack in my master bedroom closet, looking at rack options. My walls have 12" centers I think.

I bought rails and steel and welded my own, price of racks is stupid high. You could build the frame out of wood as well.

Other than that, no idea about the rack pictured, but it looks interesting.

Closest I could find with a quick search Auray ERS-8U Steel Equipment Rack with 3" Casters (8 RU) ERS-8U Not sure if the rails are tapped, didn’t read that deeply. And if they are tapped not sure if they are 10-32 or 10-24.

Agreed, the pricing defaults to stupid most of the time. I have some welding equipment in the garage but not comfortable enough to use it without ruining lots of metal. I’ve not ruled out some use of wood, due to it the centers being narrower than most of the frames I see i’d have to place some backing material on the wall and screw it in anyway.

I am trying to not reinvent too much of it. Thanks for the link that one looks decent, and I believe it is threaded, even if it isn’t I can make it cooperate. :slight_smile:

Reviews on that rack suggest that the threaded holes are not very good, I’d plan on having a few rack nuts for rails that are drilled. Then if a hole is wrecked, drill it to about 1/4 inch and use a rack nut.

Mine I made a simple rectangle out of some steel tubing with rough welds on the corners. Everything else is 1/4-20 fasteners to hold it together. Generally you don’t need rear rails unless you are going to install some servers, and then you really need something deep. Front rails with a diagonal brace fromt top of rail to rear of rectangle worked fine.

This is the type of rail I used https://www.amazon.com/Reliable-Hardware-Company-RH-8-SRR-Space/dp/B00JQYUEA2/ref=asc_df_B00JQYUEA2

I’m also lucky enough that we have several shipping brace panels from much larger racks at work, made it easy to set the spacing between the rails.

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