UI AP Product Line confusion

Although it should not suprise any who follow UI’s activities, I am unable to really tell what the hell differentiates unifi’s various AP’s beyond the name.

There’s unifi 6 pro, unifi 6 LR, Unifi 6 Lite, Unifi 6 Mesh:

The lite may have fewer radios in it or something but somebody at UI who makes decisions about this multi-level marketing stuff should probably find employment elsewhere, judging from the Q&A I see at other e-tailers I frequent, I am not the only one who finds confusion in their product lines.

So far i have the 6 lite and a 6 LR. Just plugged in and initialized the 6 LR today.

I’ve decided to do some RF auditing with my phone to see how these units stack up in terms of reception. The unit is on a shelf in my living room until i decide where to mount it permanently.
A brief test tonight with the Wifi 6 LR, I hit -78 DB near the end of the driveway on my property before it dropped, the unit reports it’s transmitting at 22db. Distance is estimated to be about 85 feet with multiple walls and a front door in the way, single level home.
The 5ghz is set to channel width HE80, interference blocker set to yes.
I’ve instructed the unit to drop once it reaches -75DB on the 5ghz band.
I’ll check how the Wifi 6 Lite performs under similar conditions.

If anyone is curious i’m using the most recent Samsung phone the 21 Ultra (5g).