UDR problem creating VPN connection with IP from main LAN

Hello to all community,

I have a very specific problem with Ubiquiti Dream Rooter. I have my main network





I have to connect my laptop with VPN so it can connect to my main PC which is running an SQL DB. The “auto way” creates a new LAN for the VPN. I can connect to it without problems.

The problem is that the program can only connect if the IP is in the same Subnet. So, I have to make a VPN connection that can give me an IP from even fixed. I cannot find any way to set as VPN network my main or even a single static IP dedicated only for VPN use.

I tried these instructions but after that VPN stop working and I had to do factory reset to UDM to make it work again.


Please, any help???

The VPN will not put you in the same IP range as the subnet, it does not work that way. Either update the SQL to allow the VPN ip range or use another tool such as Zeroteir to create an overlay network for access.

Thank you very much Tom for your reply!

By the program’s support, they explained to me that only another machine with IP from the same subnet and only /24 can be connected to SQL DB that is running to the main PC by design and they cannot (or don’t want) change it.

In the attached ubiquiti’s forum post some mentioned that they could do it through SSH with the following commands
set vpn l2tp remote-access client-ip-pool start x.x.x.x (set as LAN outside of DHCP Range)
set vpn l2tp remote-access client-ip-pool stop y.y.y.y (set as LAN outside of DHCP Range)

I try it and VPN stopped working.

I am wondering if there is a way to merge these 2 networks or bridge them.

My 70$ TpLink Archer gave me the choice… If I cannot find any way to bypass this problem I am afraid that I will stack with 220$ paper weight…