UDMP as a Protect NVR only

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I posted this at the end of a different question bit it got no traction as a question. So I thought I’d make a topic to see if anyone would care to comment.

I already have a full unifi setup, UDM Pro being the head end, however I’m really now at a point (as most) of frustration and have a Netgate 6100 ready to slot in to do the head end work. I do have however a single 8TB Skyhawk and 7 cameras I’d like to keep running with Protect.

Is there a way of turning your expensive udmp into an expensive NVR and handing over the firewall/routing to pfsense? Anyone had any luck doing this?

I have a video on that here:

Thanks Tom. I knew you’d have a video somewhere. Skipped over it as it didn’t mention protect in the outset, unless I totally missed it.

The cameras need to be on the same subnet as the LAN for the UDM.

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If you trunk Management, Camera, Talk, Protect VLANs to the UDMP Lan port, and put cameras on a Camera VLAN, and define VLAN only networks in the UDMP, will that work? Basically using the UDMP as a “big” cloud key.

“Default” - VLAN 1 ← only network not VLAN only
Management - VLAN 10
Camera - VLAN 20
Talk - VLAN 30
Protect - VLAN 40

Then put everything else off of a “core” switch, like the UniFi Pro Aggregation switch fed off the PFSense box (on a third port) with a trunk ALL VLANs, that breaks out to other switches.

I assume that would work?

I think the only thing that may be tricky is the Management VLAN?

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