UDM-Utilities Thoughts?

I have a friend that is a bit underwhelmed with his UDM due the limited number of configuration items that he can manage. I was poking around and someone suggested UDM- Utilities:

GitHub - boostchicken/udm-utilities: A collection of things I have made to make the Unifi Dream Machine more useful

Seems like a very good collection and having Cloudflare DNS and Pihole enablement are great options. Has anyone else looked at these utilities and provide any feedback on their experience or should I tell my friend to stick with what works in the stock UDM and do his add on work with a Raspberry Pi or other Linux platform?


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I haven’t used it myself as I don’t have a UDM/UDMP, but I’ve looked it over many times and helped people with it. There’s a lot of people using it on the unofficial Ubiquiti discord, and boostchicken is an active participant there. https://discord.gg/ui

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Thanks for the feedback.