UDM SE blocking SSO and I cant figure it out

I am having issues accessing secure2.bfebilling.com through my UDM SE. I have disabled country blocking, dark web blocking, and even setup an “allow” rule on the traffic section. Still cant get it to work.

I swap over to my cell phone hotspot and it loads fine and I can ping it. Swap back to my UDM SE wifi and the ping will time out and the site wont resolve. At this point I have turned off every possible thing I can find on the UDM SE, I have reset it several times. I cant figure this out. why does the allow rule not work and what is blocking it?

As a troubleshooting step have you tried to remove all DNS blockers and IPS settings?

Yeap I disabled all that in the UI. Assuming that there is not some odd “you have to SSH into the controller to modify the setting” thing?

I’m not a UDM a user. Do you have any logs you can look at?

Maybe this will help?