UDM SE 1000mbs Internet speed


I am looking to setup a network in my home using unifi products, I currently have some unifi access points, 1 x AC Pro 2 x U6 Pro. These are currently working in standalone mode using the poe injector.

If I purchase the UDM SE will the below points work ?

access points connect directly to the console, using the poe on board?

work as my internet speed is roughly 1000mbs ?


Yes, it will work, but not ideal.

There are oddities on the UDM Pro and UDM SE, as it pertains to the switch and ports. The switch has a single 1Gbps channel to the CPU (might be 2.5Gbps?), so it’s not a good switch for higher bandwidth usage.

I would use SFP+ on the WAN side and/or on the LAN side. Avoid the switch on the UDM Pro/SE. It’s fine for low bandwidth items such as a handful of cameras or phones, but would not put access points on them. Think of the UDM Pro/SE as a device without the 8 switch ports, for networking infrastructure.