UDM Pro VLAN rules

Most of my experience is with PF, so this is my first time doing more advanced things with a Ubiquiti firewall. Let me explain the setup. I have a UDM pro, and 18 VLANS. In a building with 18 different suites. Each suite on its own VLAN (101-119). Each VLAN needs internet access, and to be able to talk to other devices on the same VLAN, but not be able to talk to other vlans. I want to be sure Im doing this in the smartest possible way, with as few rules as possible to keep it simple, but I have little experience with this in the ubiquiti world, as most of my deployments are Pfsense.
I could obviously make a billions rules blocking each VLAN to each other VLAN, but that would be an crazy amount of rules. Groups seems like the smart way to do it, but I want to be sure I fully understand how to make it happen. Any insight or tips are greatly appreciated!

Have a look Mactelecom Networks , he has alot of knowledge on Unifi

This video may help - www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWJNZvXXgf8

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