UDM Pro requires internet to log into device?

It’s annoying enough that I have to be connected to the Internet to set up my UDM Pro, but I’ve also noticed that after it is set up and I have created a local login account, if I unplug the WAN (or it drops for any reason) I cannot log into the UDM pro until internet is restored.

Have any of you also seen this? This has survived a factory reset, so I can only assume that this is by design. Almost makes me want to get rid of my UDM Pro. Grr…

I don’t have a UDM Pro, however, the only thing I could think of is that you’re trying to log into it remotely outside the network (which requires the UDMp to have internet). Making sure you are using the local IP

just confirming - in order to try to log in when the WAN is disconnected, you are pointing your browser at the LAN IP of the UDMP? e.g. You will get an HTTPS certificate complaint, that is expected.

Yep. Connecting to ip, I get the cert warning.

When you log into the udm, I get the login screen and authenticate. Then it just hangs there and never gives me control. If I plug the wan back in, poof…it responds immediately

That’s odd… more like a bug. I definitely heard of some general issues with the UDMp that never have been addressed which is quite disappointing - which is why I staying away from that thing and waiting for the UXG to go public (and maybe even come down in price).