Udm pro issues - Please help

My udm pro is consistently stalling throughput at 1-20Mbps… Our service is 1gb fios…

Any thoughts on troubleshooting ?

Do you have threat management disabled?

no we do no have threat management disabled. @LTS_Tom we may be calling as we think the UDM PRO is the bad link . Tested internet connection bypassing udm pro and receiving normal u/d speeds.

No guarantees that we can fix that, our most popular solution to fixing issues with the UDM is replacing it with another firewall such as pfsense.

@LTS_Tom we were thinking along the same lines, in terms of replacement instead of repair.

Im told internally that our cameras run on the same ISP feed as the udm pro, so i’d want to disconnect the cameras from consideration and then run speed test/ping again to continue diagnosis before moving forward to replacement (I definitely hate the UDM Pro)

In terms of Pfsense boxes , what do you recommend? would need probably 2 WAN for failover and then 4/6 ports for branch off.

We recommend the Netgate appliances

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