UDM Pro for networking and SonicWall for Security Services

Since Central Management is not easy with SonicWall firewalls, we would like to use a UDM Pro as the router and a SonicWall just for the Security Services like GAV etc.

In that case we will manage the network VLANs etc. on Unifi and avoid the need to modify anything on the SonicWall.

Would anyone know if that’s possible and how we would do that?

I know it’s not an easy answer to write, but trying my luck, maybe for a link which I can’t find yet…

Thank you!

If you put the SonicWall in front of the UniFi you will create a double NAT setup which may cause other issues and the Sonicwall will only see the traffic from the UDM not the individual devices behind it.

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Does the sonicwall have to be NATed? Not sure of the effectiveness of a pass through setup… or as it double NATed. But if you are MITM I guess it doesn’t matter where you do it.