UDM-PRO Dashboard issues

Hi ,
I am having some apparent issue with my company’s UDM Pro where when i try to login to the dashboard, i receive the error in the picture attached. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
udm issue

AWS is down and UniFi hosts in AWS

So this is on the local console via the ip address, not accesing it through unifi.ui.com.

@LTS_Tom – any thoughts on why this issue is still happening… I spoke to Unifi and they say it could have something to do with having more than 40 Unifi APs/switches being managed by the UDM Pro. Have you heard of anything similar to this? The radius server for the unifi setup is on a hyper-v server. This shouldn’t be a cause of concern, correct?

We never use the UDM pro, we mostly use our self hosted server or HostiFi.

Do you have a youtube video that discusses this topic?

There is not a lot to discuss.
IMHO using the UDM-built-in-controller only have downsides and no advantages I can think of.

We manage > 300 Unifi devices, depending on your size and what you do I’d suggest using HostiFi or host it yourself if you have the skills.

Regarding the RADIUS server it should not be the cause of the problem. RADIUS is used only for network auth and has nothing to do with the Controller auth.

if self hosting , what would you say the bare minimum hardware specs and OS( can you run Pf-sense & unifi controller on same machine? I currently have a hyper v machine running server19 with radius /nps roles and AD (since its a totally separate physical network), so if we can utilize that somehow that would obviously preferred.