UDM Pro - Can it deal with 1GB fiber connection with full protection?

Newbie here:

UDM Pro - Can it deal with 1GB fiber connection with full firewall protection turned on?

I keep hearing that about 600mb is it’s max?

I am paying extra for a 1GB connection at home ad I don’t want to waste it.

I gave cameras, IOT, 10gb between 2 pc’s and a NAS and an offsite backup NAS.

I am starting from scratch and thought to use all UNIFI equipment but It sound like my 1gb service would go to waste if I did?

The UDM Pro is only “Pro” in name, not in performance or features.

Thanks. Love the videos.

Maybe the first purchase should be a pfSens 3100 or do I need to go withe the 6100?

If I start with a Netgate firewall how do I control my Unfi AP’s? Cloudkey?

The 6100 would be better for 1G and you can use a cloudkey or self host the controller.

Thanks again for the reply. Then I assume that with say the cloudkey plus Gen 2 I can manage any Unifi switche and create vlans and a small 10GB setup for a couple of PC’s and a NAS?

The UDM Pro can easily do 1G WAN except for PPPoE (supposedly an update has fixed this). One of the UI forum users has tested throughput with firewall/intrusion protection enabled and was consistently getting 5+ Gbps throughput.

Having said that, the pfSense definitely has a lot more capabilities and configuration options. It’s all dependent on what you want.

I have a UDM-SE because I like the single interface to configure routers and switches. I have a pfSense XG-1541 that is serving as an OpenVPN server. I previously used it as a router, but got tired of needing to log into the webpage of every switch, router, etc. for VLAN changes. Hence the switch for me.

Thanks for the reply.

Truth be told I really don’t want a pfSense box. I would rather it all be Unifi equipment and I hope to be able to bypass my internet providers modem and ONT and plug the 1gb fiber right into a UDM Pro if I can make it happen. What I don’t want to do is waste the connection I have at the new place.

If you already have all the equipment, then try it and see?

I have not purchased anything yet. Part of my purchasing decision is based on this working.

Well, here goes nothing. I ordered a UDM Pro SE and it arrived today.

Fingers crossed!

Hi speedfast,

How did you fair out with the udm pro se ? did it work ?

I am looking to get information for my 1gb network.

2 x wifi6 pro disc
1 x ac pro disc


I am currently running the UXG-Pro, with a 1.2GB Cable connection (1300 down, 45 up) and a 40MB failover DSL connection, and I get full throughput with threat management on Detect and Block as well as a number of geo-location blocks. I am currently at medium (17 of 35 categories enabled), but I have run at high, with all enabled, and no degradation of speed. I have in the past also run load balancing (Distributive) when I had a bandwidth cap on my cable connection.

UDM SE has a max throughput of ~3.5Gbps with IDS/IPS enabled. I had it enabled with all categories turned on.

Throughput without IDS/IPS is ~8Gbps. I use it with 5Gbps internet.

All that said, I find IDS/IPS to be … meh. I think end point protection is more useful, since most things are encrypted these days. Though site blacklists are useful.