UDM Pro / Arpwatch

So I need some advice. I have a UniFi Network with a UDM Pro, 3 Access Points and a unifi switch. I would love to get alerting going anytime a new device connects to my network. I’ve considered switching to PfSense to get this functionality but I like the features of the UDM.

I’ve tried ArpWatch on a Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine, but it doesn’t seem to work right. Does anyone have any guidance on the best method to get alerting working on a UniFi Network anytime a new device is connected? I wish Ubiquiti had this feature in the UniFi OS , but I can’t find out how to do this properly.


There is an option under “Notifications” for “Network Client Connection Change” but it’s not granular per network so every device coming and going generates an alert.