UDM Pro and pfSense default allowed ports

My school has two campuses. One uses a pfSense firewall and one uses a Ubiquiti UDM Pro firewall.

With the pfSense, it seems that random services don’t work based on certain ports being blocked. We’ve had to open up ports for sending emails on iPhones, using live chat support, making phone calls over wifi, and various other items.

With UDM Pro, most things just seem to be open and work out of the box, more like how a consumer router would work.

I’m guessing there are different default starting policies between the two firewalls. I’d rather have things fairly open, so my users don’t keep getting blocked randomly. I do want to keep security in mind, but users take their laptops home all the time so I’m already taking the risk of them connecting to any network they want.

How would you handle this?

Going to need to know what changes you made to pfsense because by default pfsense DOES NOT block any outgoing traffic. Also to my knowledge neither does the UDM.

As above, out of the box when you create the first internal network, nothing is blocked - system creates a rule to allow all traffic everywhere.

If you create another internal network, all outbound traffic is blocked and you have to create rules to allow outbound traffic

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