UDM pro and an existing controller

We have quite a few clients that we have connected to our controller, but we are seeing that the UDM pro cannot be connected to a controller. One of our clients would be a perfect fit for the UDM pro as they are wanting to grow into access control and surveillance as well. Does anyone have a good work around so that we can keep them in our controller but also give them the function of a UDM pro?

Hi, it is probably late to answer this but i am new here, i don’t see any answers and i will respond with a “best practice”. You should not host a controller if it’s not your stuff controlled. Even if is possible. Your clients should each and every one have their own controllers. Do not mix client by using sites. Sites should your sites, not a way to name your clients. UDM-Pro does have a built in controller and that is why you can’t connect it to a controller, because it is one. You can assign admins to any controllers for management purpose, you don’t have to keep everything on your controller. Clients need to see what they pay for,the controller should be in their network. Good Luck!

@Revious23, I tried to do this on Friday. I started making a video of me doing it… I stopped recording whilst I did a bit of swearing, started again, stopped, threw some things across the office…

I run a server for my customers (which I will be migrating soon to hostifi) which includes my own office network but I also wanted to trial the access control stuff and to replace my old unifi Video server. I figured a UDM-Pro was the perfect solution. I know lost of people have slated it as a router (probably rightly so) but I had no intention of using it as a router so figured it would be ok.

I think I now have a £300 paperweight…

Will try again in a few days and see how I get on.

For the record it IS working for my CCTV but only with the WAN interface connected, it craps it’s pants when I pull the WAN and I can’t (couldn’t) see any way to add routes. I’ve got it on my CCTV vlan at the moment as well which is not ideal.