UDM has either lost config or locked up a few times

I’m looking for some advice because I’ve had my Unifi Dream Machine either dump its entire config in the past or, just today, locked up and became unusuable.

In both occasions, I had to reset the UDM and then reset all my AP’s and my 8-port Lite LOE switch that powers and connects all the AP’s. I have 4 AP’s in addition to the UDM.

I know this creates a wrinkle but I’m legally blind so some notices are hard to read. I had a backup from within the Network portal and tried to Restore it but only realized later that it would have let me restore the auto backup I had downloaded form last week on to my computer. At first I thought the file was no good but it turned out I had to upgrade the Network app on the UDM in order to restore the file. I only found that out after I had reset all the AP’s, adopted them again, and then I decided (like a dummy) to restore the backup to get back many of my custom firewall, networking, and wireless settings. It restored all those settings but then it “un-adopted” my APs so I had to repeat the adoption process for the APs which took another hour of climbing on ladders and pressing on the reset button on the AP’s.

I’m not using Beta release but just sticking with the Stable releases.

Sorry for the long post but I guess I’m asking these questions:

  1. Have any of you seen the UDM lock up and become unusable even after a power cycle? What steps can I take to try to recover the UDM without resetting it?

  2. If I have to reset it, what are the backups I should have on my local computer and what is the recommended restore process for the UDM so I can avoid the adoption nightmares?