Ubuntu Unifi Controller with Certbot

Hey guys, I have my unifi controller on ubuntu 20.04 with some iptables for 8443 is gone.

I followed this guide: Install Letsencrypt SSL Certificate for Unifi Controller on Raspberry Pi for my SSL.

just recently my auto renew and import did not work. i couldn’t fix the SSL with certbot because it wanted me to do acme_challenge and i didn’t need to do that in the beginning, so i was/am confident i dont want to do that at all. i guess i need to know if anyone else has something similar and how to actually get it to auto renew without me. it works GREAT when its SSL’d, iptable’d and just working. wonderfully fast, on my app, etc. it’s perfect.

i just need this SSL to stay. :slight_smile: if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

guys, im an idiot.

dont forward port 80 to 8080 in ip tables as it breaks letsencrypt.

case closed.

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