Ubquity vs other mesh & what about IOT and WiFi 6?

I designed the Ubiquity WiFi and LAN network for my new home after watching hours of Lawrence YouTub and other vids. Then ran into 3 things that I’d really appreciate your advice on.

The Ubiquity WiFi (2-3 nanoHP and diskless Cloud Key Gen 2)costs would be $490-$650.

Mesh vs APs
A TP-Link Deco Plus 9 mesh with 3 units costs about $200. That price seems almost too good to be true. Missing functionality? Speeds are comparable to Ubiquity. But you depend on their dedicated 1.5 Ghz radio for backhaul.

A 3 pack of Netgar Orbi AC300 is about $450.

IOT Protocols: Some of the mesh networks support Zigbee and Bluetooth. Ubquity does not and I’ve not found any other APs that do. I suspect WiFi signal strength is better than Zigbee and Bluetooth. I understand there is channel conflict between WiFi and IOT in some cases. So do I get a solution that does WiFi and IOT with the same units or separate units for WiFi and IOT?

WiFi 6: I don’t think this is worth the extra cost because A) the standards are evolving; B) there are not many devices that use it and C) the bandwidth of at least the Ubiquity solution is much more than we need. Do you agree?

I avoid meshing WiFI unless absolutely needed, I don’t use TP-Link or the Orbi’s so I don’t have any comments on it. I agree with the WiFi6 statement.