UBNT ES‑48‑500W vs Cisco SG350X-48P

Anyone have any experience with these two switches? I need to upgrade my network with 10gbe backhaul capabilities and I have always used Cisco switches. However, Ubiquiti gear is starting to look like a nice option with very competitive pricing. I love my UBNT APs and the cloud key to manage them. Other than the price and better GUI for setting up VLANS with the Ubiquiti gear I don’t see much of a huge difference between the two.


Keep in mind that the Cisco SG350X-48P can do L3, the unifi switches don’t support L3.

So you need to check you network topology if this possible with L2 switches from UBNT.


I have the unifi 48/500 switch that I picked up used on ebay for 1/2 price. I’ve used these 10gb modules without issue: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LSGGCTW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I’ve never used any cisco devices (but, they look a lot harder to manage).

All of my gear is unifi and it all just works seamlessly. easy.

I replaced my Cisco 3750 switches about two years ago with Edge and UniFi switches and I have been very happy. UBNT makes a solid switch. The ES-48-500W compares well with the SG350X-48P. Just be aware, if you want to use the cloud key to manage the switches you will need the US-48-500W. UniFi is not as feature rich as the Edge line, no Layer-3 routing capability. So, on a strictly hardware level, if the UBNT switches meet your requirements give them a shot.

I stop using UBNT Edge Switches due to reliability issues.

I had about 20% broken equipment and most of those, after the warranty expiration.

We decide to use HPE because they offer limited lifetime warranty.

Wow, I didn’t realize you couldn’t manage the ES-48-500W with the cloud key. What’s the big difference between the Unifi line and the Edge line of switches…?

The UniFi switch line is strictly designed to be used with a UniFi controller, it always lags behind the Edge line in the version of EdgeOS it runs. But the most important thing is that a large number of features are not exposed in the controller GUI (too many to list). This feature discrepancy is why I use both, but for the majority of my switch needs the UniFi’s do the job. One good thing is that UBNT keeps exposing more features constantly, the bad thing is that they don’t have a documented timeline for when features will be added.

You can go to https://demo.ubnt.com/ if you want to see how things operate in the controller. Tom has the only comparison video that I know about.