Ubliquiti U6 Pro

Currently I am running a consumer level ASUS 802.11.ac router that I paid almost $200 dollars for about 3.5 years ago. Even though the unit isn’t that old it appears to be currently unsupported by ASUS. This is worrisome as there have been quite a number of known CVE’s that have surfaced pertaining to ASUS routers that ASUS doesn’t seem to be bother updating.

Since I am running pfsense 2.6 and have a managed POE switch I am thinking about getting rig of my ASUS router which is currently running in AP mode only and purchasing a Ubilquiti U6 lite, I live in a very crowded multifamily apartment complex. I will be the only user of my AP although I have a dozen or so devices using the shared WIFI connection. The Ubiquiti store seems to be sold out of the U6 lite but currently has the U6 pro still available for about $50 more. There are sellers on Amazon marketplace that are selling the U6 lite for the same price as the U6 Pro directly from Ubilquti.

Since the Scalpers on Amazon are selling the U6 lite at the same price the Ubilquiti store sells the U6 Pro directly from the manufacturer I decided to just purchase the U6 pro as I don’t feel that it is safe to wait around while ASUS neglects to patch their hardware. I know that the U6 Pro is more than likely overkill for my use case but given the situation with COVID-19 shortages I bit the bullet and got more than I need. I wanted to wait till WIFI 7 APs were available before ditching the ASUS router but given the situation I felt it was better to just upgrade now, besides I probably won’t have any WIFI 7 devices for a couple of years after it becoming available anyways.

I don’t have a question I just wanted to share my story.

Thanks Tom and everyone else on this forum and the YouTube channel.

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