Ubiquity supply (UK)

I’ve been looking to swap out my 24 port 500w switch ( USW-24-PoE) for something a little quieter and more economical (it draws too much power when idle given my low home use and you cant switch the fans down). The USW-24-PoE seems to have much lower power idle but is in short supply and even those on ebay (when they do come up ) are going for at or above retail.

I don’t know if this has been discussed recently on the channel (I’ve missed live streams the last few months ) but are there alternatives that are available and what are people doing? One big UK supplier has availability dates for December of this year!

I’m wondering if I switch to a Netgear or something. TP-Link appear to have fans which if can’t be scaled back draw needless power.

Basic outline of what I need :

  • 24 ports. (or 16 if there is an SPF+).
  • 8 PoE ports (cameras and a couploe of APs) < 5w each.
  • Fanless.
  • Low idle power draw < 10w.
  • VLAN support (including trunk ports)
  • around the £300 (about $370 USD)

I’m using XCP-NG for servers (3 linux, one windows), with pfSense, with Unifi Nano HD APs.

I would be sad to lose the Unified environment but needs must.

You might want to consider fs.com they have some decent looking switches, I don’t have any of them but would consider them.

I do have some Netgear switches, you need to watch out before you buy you may find that they are no longer supported if that matters to you. I have some 8 port pro POE switches which are fanless, they work quite ok, they also have some models with 2 SFP ports.

Not sure if you will be able to find a fanless 24 port PoE switch, though the tricky thing is to know exactly how much noise it makes.

I think I looked at fs.com before, I’ll take a look again.
Why would netgear go out of support buying an existing product?
Even if it wasn’t fanless, if the fans would spin all the way down that would be better than what I have.

You might well think that but I bought a Netgear GS516TP with 8 PoE ports and 8 normal ports, new from an online shop, only to find that the fans continuously rotate. Contacted Netgear to see if they had a solution only to be told the model is no longer supported / discontinued.

Live and learn.

If you buy Netgear ensure you select the pro and not plus versions as they are more complete, depending on what features you want.

However, I do have a Netgear GS748Tv5 48-Port (no PoE) which has fans that seem to power up and power down from time to time.

Caveat emptor !

Frustrating. I think companies should be required to openly publish their idle power draw. that would force them to better control fans.

someone heard me moaning , they added some new stock of the 24 port PoE fanless.
got my order in quick!