Ubiquiti Wifi AI

I have been looking at using WIFi AI but what I’m not sure about is everything supposed to be on Auto for this to work. Or can some settings be tuned like Rate Control?

WIFI AI only changes the channels and channel widths (maybe it also changes TX power, reports on the forum are unclear even looking at the most recent ones, and there’s no documentation on it). All other settings you’re free to set as you want. I do recommend going to the Rate Control section of every 2.4GHz wireless network and checking “Disable CCK rates” which means to turn off 802.11b speeds, and force 6Mbps as the minimum speed. Unless you have an 802.11b-only device on your network, this will only help not hurt. Don’t be scared about the “Limited range” that pops up - do you really want your phone to be connected at 1Mbps at the very edge of your network?

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