Ubiquiti USG - Multi-site VPN

Hello everyone,

First post here. Had a question about the capacity and VPN capabilities of the USG.
I have a customer, they are a transporation customer with basic networks. There is no VLANs.
How many sites can be in the Multi-site link?
Customer has about 50 small shops.

Would the USG Multi-site be able to handle this? They currently have Sonicwalls installed, I believe 105 and 205s.

While I have never setup that many VPN’s with a USG, it should be able to do it. I am assuming you would need a USG Pro to handle the load, but do some research to make sure it does not have some limits.

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They would be USG-PRO-4 installed at each site and probably the USG-XG-8 installed at the main office, or possible at larger locations.