Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway USG

I know I should have put this password in my lastpass but I have forgotten my password and userid on my [Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG), does anyone know how I can figure out what the password is or how to reset it with removing the device and re-adapting it again??

Thanks JIm


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The password on the USG will be the same as your superadmin account on the unifi controller, however the username will likely be either admin or ubnt (I don’t remember which). If your Unifi controller was set up with connection to Unifi cloud from the start, then the superuser password will be the password of the first Unifi cloud account that signed into the controller.

I went into the maintenance section and found the SSH Authentication section and saw the admin id and password and was able to use that.

Thanks for the help… Jim