Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway Review 2019: When and Why We Use the USG

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Hey, @LTS_Tom I have a quick question you didn’t answer in the video, If the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway won’t work for your use case, What would you recommend instead?

The issue I have with the USG is just how basic it is so we prefer pfsense.

We’ve tried both the USG and the EdgeRouter products. The hardware is OK (apart from the most basic USG) but the software leaves little to be desired.

You can achieve much more with pfSense with far less effort.

Ubiquiti’s Wi-Fi and switching products are absolutely top-notch. Their routing products, not so much. That’s not to say the USG’s are terrible, they aren’t, but they are only a step above consumer-grade; Fine for basic installations, mediocre for anything more advanced.

For all the guys with PFsense boxes out there, is there any kind of dashboard to manage updates, or do you have to manually log in to each box for updates?

We just log in an update them, but I am looking at managing them via ansible or a similar tool in the future. I don’t really see it as a big issue seeing as they don’t have frequent version updates. Another nice thing is no matter which hardware you run pfsense on, they all run the same software that get the same updates all at the same time.