Ubiquiti UniFi Controller 7.0.23 Update & Features Review [YouTube Release]

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:stopwatch: Timestamps :stopwatch:
00:00 UniFi Controller 7.0.23
02:31 UniFi 7.0.23 Changelog
04:26 Multi-factor Authentication
06:21 Switch Layer 3 Routing
07:22 UDM Pro 7 Interface
08:02 UDM Pro VPN
09:06 UDM Pro Traffic Management and Blocking
11:24 UDM Pro Traffic Stats
12:36 UniFi 7.0.23 Interface Updates
15:12 UniFi Network Pause Button
18:29 WiFi Man Heat Mapping
19:30 Final Thoughts

I’m probably one of the few with running the controller on a Cloudkey (Gen2+), however with every upgrade I’ve got to reset the LetsEncrypt certificate management tools. I wish Ubiquiti would standardize this method and not wipe out settings with every controller upgrade.

Hi @kevdog - I run the controller on a UCKG2 as well, but I don’t use LetsEncrypt, what are you doing with that?

Although I could have probably stuck a reverse proxy in front of the cloud controller (which isn’t a bad idea), I just installed LE certs directly on the controller to access the controller. I’m not sure it’s exactly necessary however just in general I tend to try to run a remote connections (even though within LAN) over TLS encryption. Not sure what software version of the controller you are using, but I wrote up a reddit post updating the process of adding LE certs to your controller if you’re interested. Be sure to read the originally linked post if you’re interested in adding certs. https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubiquiti/comments/t566ky/securing_unifi_cloud_key_with_lets_encrypt/

Original instructions I used for most of the post are here: